Guaranteed Rent.

Are you tempted by guaranteed rent each month with no deductions?

The benefits...

  • Guaranteed Monthly Rent
  • Immediate Move In
  • Three Year Term
  • Clarendons Responsible for all Bills
  • Full Management Service
  • Fully Insured
  • Standard 5 Week Security Deposit
  • Cleaner Included in Rent
  • Property will be Fully Furnished
  • Total Peace of Mind

Did you know?

The average tenancy in the South East is eleven months

The average void period in the South East between tenancies is twenty one days

The average annual maintenance spend in the UK is £1,443

Source: Guardian newspaper

*Clarendons Guaranteed Rent is subject to change as per our terms and conditions.

Security of a long-term tenancy.

At Clarendons we have developed our company let offering whereby we let the property from you on a guaranteed rent basis without any fee deductions and then let the property to carefully selected fully referenced tenants, complying with standard tenancy law.

Clarendons take full responsibility of the property and tenants which gives you one point of contact, total peace of mind and no pressure as a landlord.

This method of renting ensures that you have the security of a long-term tenancy without having to worry about void periods and constantly finding new tenants along with the associated costs.

Your only responsibility during the tenancy would be to provide the standard legal compliance and to carry out any general maintenance & repair works as you would ordinarily have done so, which we can arrange as part of our Fully Managed service.

The offer...

Clarendons will agree a rent between the gross and net rent that will be set for three years so you will not have the risk of fluctuation and associated costs that occur between tenancies, as well as having the expertise and reassurance of an established, fully insured company as your tenant.

Please do get in touch if you’d like more information and to see how Guaranteed Rent could work for you. Call us on 01737 230 821 or email

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